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What the Hell is Instacake?

You may have seen me promoting an event called Instacake and wondered what on earth I’m talking about. Well here’s a little rundown of what this cakey Instagram meet up is all about. 

Craving Instagram Friends

I’m always super keen to meet up with fellow Instagrammers.  I get so much inspiration and enjoyment from bouncing ideas with fellow Insta enthusiasts, but hardly any of my friends are into Instagram, so I was feeling like I needed to meet creative people who got it.

The Original Instacake

When Charlie Budd (aka The Tall Photographer) put on an event called Instacake in Stratford-Upon-Avon in June, I jumped at the chance to meet other Instagrammers and booked a ticket immediately.  It didn’t disappoint. I got to spend the day with people who were quite happy to wang on about Instagram for hours (most of my own friends would have quickly abandoned me if I tried to talk this much about the gram). We had a lovely tour of Stratford-Upon-Avon and stuffed ourselves with cake.

My Own Instacake

Charlie was keen that other people should hold Instacake meet ups in their own towns and cities. So I set up my first Instacake at the highly Instagrammable Mackie Mayor in Manchester.  It was an intimate turnout of seven of us – which proved to be the perfect number for really getting to know each other. It was a lovely atmosphere of sharing advice and just having a nice chat (with a tasty slice of cake too).  Afterwards we went for a stroll in the Northern Quarter.  I’d researched some great street art and beautiful old buildings for us to take photos of – so it was a photogenic and fun tour.

Instagram enthusiasts enjoying their cake at Mackie Mayor in Manchester.


Two Instagram enthusiasts standing in front of street art in Manchester.

Street art is such a great back drop for photos!

What Did We All Get Out of It

We all came away from the event buzzing. I felt like I met my kind of people. We supported and inspired each other and it was fascinating to learn how each person used Instagram.  Many tips, tricks, inspirations and apps were shared.  And it was just great to have a group of people to practise my photography with. But enough of me, me, me.  What about the ladies who attended? Here’s what they had to say!

Kat Dooney: It was lovely to meet and chat with a group of creative and like minded people.  I came away feeling inspired and confident about my journey into freelance life.

Emma Darbyshire: I felt so inspired and enlivened by spending time with liked minded creative souls. It was a refreshing way to spend an afternoon and I came away with lots of Insta & creative photography tips.

When’s the Next One?

I’m hoping to put one in the diary for May 2019 – watch this space!

A woman standing in front of street art in Manchester.

A nice moody shot of Cathy

Katya Willems in front of Tony Wilson street art in Manchester.

Myself and Tony Wilson

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