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What Content Really Works On Instagram?

Have you ever thought to examine what kind of content performs best for you on Instagram? I’d encourage to actually look at your analytics and work out what posts gets the most likes, comments, saves and shares. It will give you a lot of information about what your audience is interested in.

Simple, Actionable Advice

The conclusion that I drew when I looked at my own grid was that the content that did the best offered Instagram advice with clear, actionable tips.  Eg ’30 Instagram tips to try’ or ‘5 apps to pep up your Instagram’.

Personal Posts

The other posts that did really well were quite personal stories about me, eg, about my love of reading or about the trip I decided to take to Central America in my 20s after my mum died.

Instagram post by Katya Willems.
Your community will appreciate heartfelt stories about you.

So I can conclude from my observations that providing valuable and inspiring information really engages your audience! Also that people love to get to know you in quite a deep way and sharing bits of yourself and your story is a good way to connect with your community.

An Inviting Hook

I also noticed that when I provided a clear and inviting ‘hook’ at the beginning of my caption it seemed to draw people in.  A statement like ‘Why Instagram Stories are a business super power!’ seemed to work well.  Or asking a question like ‘Where Do You Find Your Sanctuary?’ got people chatting.  

Katya Willems Instagram post.
Providing a hook at the beginning of your caption helps to capture people’s attention.

Don’t Be Too Functional

The posts that performed poorly for me tended to be functional posts when I was promoting an Instagram live the following day, or maybe telling people about a challenge I was running. When I hadn’t taken the time to compose an interesting and entertaining post, they tended to fall flat.

Katya Willems Instagram post promoting an Instagram live.
I struggle to write engaging posts when I promote my Instagram Lives

Play To Your Own Strenghs

What works for me may be very different for you! But I’d definitely recommend taking some time to dig into your own analytics and think about what content works best for you. And of course, look at what doesn’t work for you.  When you’ve figured that all out, use your findings to be more intentional about your content.

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