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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Running Your Own Business

Last week, on a lot of different levels – I had a brilliant work week.  At the moment it’s incredibly important that I raise my profile as an Instagram trainer  (I’ve only been running my Instagram training business for eight months). And I seemed to smash that last week – by attending (and running) networking events, putting blog posts out there and generally connecting meaningfully with potential clients (amongst other things). And the enquiries were rolling in.

Yet, I got to the end of the week and I felt exhausted and a bit flat. What’s that about? Yes, I’m probably still adjusting to work life after my recent hols in the Philippines, but how odd that I couldn’t celebrate a good work week.

I think part of the problem is that some of what I’m doing at the moment is a  theoretical process. ‘Raising my profile’ and planting the seeds for my future business does not always yield immediate results. So whilst last week was pretty amazing enquiry wise, not all of it translated into paid work.

Sometimes that leaves me wondering what am I getting for my efforts? I’m putting all this work into getting my name known – when will I truly reap the rewards?

Easyinstamcr home office.

Sometimes when I’m alone and tapping away at my computer I lose perspective on how far I’ve come.

However if I put my best cheerleader hat on – this is what I’d say to me:

  1. Remember why you are doing this – it’s not to get filthy rich (although, I wouldn’t mind!). It’s to empower people and work with people you really want to work with. And to feel fulfilled and inspired by the work you deliver. To be creative and have freedom. And that is in fact going brilliantly.
  2. You are planting the right seeds in the right way. A year ago when you were freelancing, you were taking on well paid work that you were flattered to be offered without questioning if it was right for you. Now you’re pursuing work that aligns with your values. That kind of work takes a little longer to secure, but the pay off is worth it.
  3. Celebrate all the great clients you’ve worked with from the BBC, to Selfridges and Lake District National Park – that’s pretty incredible.
  4. Deep question now – is part of the problem that you’re scared of truly succeeding? Is it more comfortable to keep a lower profile?

Ohhh! I feel better already

Having that personal cheerleading talk to myself has really helped. But my goodness, personal pep talks and managing your mental health and mindset when running your own business is a bit of a minefield. I’m sure the ability to do positive ‘internal self talk’ is key to success. And making sure you surround yourself with people who reinforce that positive attitude is vital too.

I’d love to hear your techniques for getting through the rough patches of self employment – do comment below – I’m always looking for new approaches.

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