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Have you lost your Instagram mojo? Have you been trying all sorts of methods and techniques, but Instagram still isn’t quite working for you?

Maybe it comes in fits and starts for you, one week you’re flying on Instagram, getting lots of likes and engagement and the next week you have no idea what you’re doing and stop posting for a while.

Behaving in such a fluctuating and emotional way is not a great way to operate, because success on Instagram requires you to show up consistently and to keep experimenting with different types of content. It’s also vital to maintain an inquisitive attitude so that you can tune into your audience and serve them content that meet their needs. Repeatedly going into negative tailspins because posts haven’t performed very well can really derail your progress. Especially when the content may have only needed a little tweak to fly.

Unfortunately, it requires motivation to consistently create fresh, helpful content and to keep showing up authentically. It can feel like such a slog to do all the things that help you build a thriving Instagram community.

However, imagine an alternative where you feel clear about what you’re trying to achieve and where you feel supported and confident with what you’re trying to do on Instagram. Picture yourself feeling joyful about the content you’re posting, connecting deeply with your community, seeing engagement and sales going up and actually enjoying the process!

Well, I believe the key to unlocking Instagram joy for you and that’s with my Special Sauce Package.

Within Special Sauce, you will receive help from me in two important ways:

Number One: I Help You Find Your Special Sauce

I help you identify what’s unique about you and what your special vibe is, so you can bring it to every aspect of your Instagram – from your content to how you interact and comment.

This is truly how you stand out from the crowd on Instagram. Not by mimicking other successful accounts on Instagram, but by distilling down what the essence of you and your brand is and projecting it out there with flair and joy. Seriously, I’m telling you, this stuff works – it’s properly magnetic.

When you know what your Special Sauce is and you show it off confidently on Instagram, everything changes.  Your story and your vibe will start to resonate with your audience, your DMs will fill up with people saying “me too!” and “that’s so interesting/funny/clever!” and “tell me more”. You’ll build deeper connections and you’ll attract your right people, which then leads to sales.

Number Two: I’m Your Business Buddy And I’ll Be Holding Your Hand Every Step Of The Way

I will be your cheerleader for 3-6mths while you experiment with content and hone your technique.

I will hold you accountable for showing up regularly and with bravery. I will be there to debrief with you. So, when content goes brilliantly, or averagely or badly we can either celebrate or pragmatically figure out why something hasn’t gathered momentum and move on with confidence.

I will be available on WhatsApp and DMs throughout the process so that when you hit a stumbling block, we can quickly work out how to get past it. You can message me to bounce ideas and get feedback on your plans and content. I will help you to breathe life into your Instagram by being at hand to share expertise and enthusiasm.

I’m In, What’s Next?

I’m offering two special sauce packages, have a look and work out the one that suits you best. They are both on trial prices until 31st October 2020. Scroll down to find out more.

Special Sauce Case Study: Lucy Burt of Nest Interior Design

Lucy’s Gone From Zero To Over 400 Followers In Two Months and had 6 clients book intial meetings with her:

As I’m new to Instagram and have limited time, this tailored package was exactly what I needed. Katya took time to make sure the service was going to be suited to my business, my style and my time limitations and we took it from there. Before our first session, she gave me some ‘homework’ to pin down how I wanted my account to look and feel, and to think about the ‘pillars’ of how I would build my posts and content and to research other accounts which resonated with me and think about why.

Following this, we have had a number of 121 sessions to get the account kicked off and then to discuss content and progress, to chat about how this was all going and to give feedback and constructive advice. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions – and in fact the whole process – when initially I felt a lot of trepidation about ‘getting it right’ and creating an account which really reflected my business and what I’m all about.  

Katya’s availability between Zoom calls was hugely helpful to me as my mind is always busy and, once I get started on something, I tend to have ideas circling around in my head constantly ‘scattergun style’! So, to be able to ping a quick question or idea over to Katya when it popped into my head was brilliant. She was always really responsive and helpful, steering me towards tangible actions and encouraging me to try things out.

I’ve had the account running for less than two months now and have had six direct enquiries as a result, all of which are now booked in for initial meetings which is brilliant. I genuinely didn’t expect that to happen so quickly.

@designbynest booked a Special Sauce package with me and grew her account from 0 to 400 followers in two months. She also had 6 clients book intial meetings with her who came from Instagram.

Thanks for the confidence boost Katya, you have a lovely teaching style, very collaborative with so much scaffolding. Vanessa Evans

I’m full of renewed enthusiasm for Instagram and feeling free to play around and experiment more. Bryony Rust

What made this experience so valuable was Katya’s ability to delve into my backstory, who I am, what makes me tick, and to give me so many ideas and ways of sharing that, and to develop an Instagram account that truly reflects who I am.  Nicola Fisher

Special Sauce: Medium Bottle £550

Payment plans are available

What’s included:

  • 1.5 hr 1:1 kick starter session to dive deep into your story
  • 3 further hour long 1:1 sessions
  • Unlimited emails, feedback and encouragement throughout the process

I would expect this process to take about 2-3 mths, but we can spread the sessions out as you wish.

Special Sauce: Large Bottle £900

Payment plans are available

What’s included:

  • 1.5 hr 1:1 kick starter session to dive deep into your story
  • 7 hour long 1:1 sessions
  • Unlimited emails, feedback and encouragement throughout the process

I would expect this process to take about 4-6 mths, but we can spread the sessions out as you wish.

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