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Katya Willems Instagram Expert holding a bottle of special sauce.

Instagram Special Sauce Packages

Are you putting enough of your true vibe on Instagram?

When you start REALLY showing up on Instagram as the real you, with clear messaging around what’s special about you and your product or service, then the magic starts to happen. You attract your right people, which in turn leads to more sales.

My ‘special sauce’ 1:1 packages allow us to work deeply on your story and how to project that creatively on Instagram.

Katya Willems Instagram Trainer.

One-to-One Instagram Coaching

Would you like bespoke coaching? One-to-one coaching gives you the opportunity to get to the bottom of all the Instagram questions you want to ask.  It’s a great way to fast track your Instagram learning no matter what level you’re at in a way that fits in with your diary.

Katya Willems Instagram Trainer in Mackie Mayor.

Instagram MOT

Do you have the sense that you are doing quite a few good things with your Instagram account, but that you could be doing it a lot better? My MOT service will allow you to get a load of fresh new ideas for your Instagram account.

Katya Willems, Instagram Trainer

Instagram Workshops

Do you feel like you are not quite strategic enough on Instagram? My workshop will help you focus on coming up with a clear plan on how to tell the story of your business and improve your technical use of the gram.

Bespoke Instagram Workshop For Your Business

Would you like your team to come together and get strategic about the Instagram account for your business? A facilitated workshop like this can help everyone get clear on deciding on the look and purpose of the account as well as get confident in how to use all aspects of Instagram. I also do these bespoke workshops online.

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