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My IGTV Challenge

Do you need a distraction from all this talk about ‘the bloody Instagram algorithm’? Do you fancy doing something positive instead?

Well come and join my IGTV challenge. It started on Tuesday 9th July, but you are welcome to join in anytime, any month, any year.

I’m releasing a very simple prompt each week throughout July – but as I said you don’t have to do it ‘on time’. I’d encourage you to do something short and off the cuff (maybe two minutes?). I think really natural, unscripted videos come across the best.

If you want some inspo look at Helen Slater – she’s the master of quick talking to cameras in her car. She’s great at it because she’s just enthusiastic and honest.

Helen Slater Coaching recording an IGTV video.
Helen Slater is the BEST at off the cuff IGTV videos

And if you’re thinking – OMG! IGTV that sounds difficult and technical… I can assure i’s not. Here’s an article by Hootsuite detailing in very simple terms how to use it.

The prompts are:

Week 1: Introduction (Tues 9 July)

Tell us about you and your business – what is your service/product? Maybe tell us how and why you started your business. Throw in some quirky facts about you/your staff.

Here’s my IGTV for week one if you fancy getting an idea of how it works.

Easyinstamcr recording an IGTV in the garden.
Week one prompt: introduction

Week 2: Workspace (Tues 16 July)

Show us your work space and tell us a bit about what your working day looks like. What do you do for breaks? Do you listen to music? Do you take your dog for a walk?

Easyinstamcr workspace.
Week 2 prompt: workspace

Week 3: What Are Your Values (Tues 23 July)

What are your values? What do you care about as a person and as a business? Are you environmental/ethical? Do you have high standards about the look of your products? Are you obsessed with customer service? Tell us about how you tick.

Week 4: What Are You Working On Right Now?

What are you working on right now? Give us an insight into your work process on a current project. Or maybe tell us about a newsletter or blog you’re working on.

How To Upload It And Tag It

When you upload your video to IGTV make sure to choose the option to preview it in your Instagram feed to get maximum views. And tag @easyinstamcr in your IGTV description so I can shout about your IGTV video on my Stories.

Good luck! And if you have any questions or comments DM me via my Instagram.

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