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How To Take Good Holiday Photos For Instagram

If you lack a bit of confidence in the photography department or just forget to take as many photos as you mean to when you’re away, I’m here to help with some simple tips to get you taking Insta worthy photos.

Some of my best performing posts on Instagram have been holiday snaps. I put the quality of those photos down to my holiday enthusiasm and the photogenic destinations I visit. And it’s usually combined with flattering sunshine.

But an even bigger benefit is that I get to take a stock of photos that I can use for years to come on Instagram. So I’d really recommend that you try to see your holiday as opportunity to build up a camera roll full of photography gems.

1. Take The Photo From Many Angles Until You Find ‘The One’

This photo was taken of Kasawan Falls in the Philippines. I took some pretty nice photos from the level of the pool, but it was when I got above that I could see the opportunity for taking a cracker! I was potentially hovering a bit close to the edge, but it was worth it for this shot.

Instagram shot at Kasawan Falls in the Philippines
‘Instagram worthy’ shot at Kasawan Falls in the Philippines

2. Does Your Picture Tell A Story?

I knew when I got my boyfriend to take this photo in Moalboal in the Philippines, that taking a picture of the water and boat alone wouldn’t be that exciting. Also if I was just doing a cheesy grin into the camera, that wouldn’t exactly be intriguing. So I told him to take a photo of me walking along the path towards the sea. It makes the viewer curious about what is going on in the picture. I have to admit, it was completely contrived, but I like the result.

Instagram shot of Katya Willems in Moalboal, Philippines.
Creating a story in a photo when there isn’t one livens it up.

3. If You See a Good Opportunity, Milk It

In 2018 we stayed at an exquisite B&B in the Douro Valley in Portugal. The pool and the view were just staggering. And it was pretty empty a lot of the time too. I knew I had to take photos from multiple perspectives because these photos would serve me well. And they really have. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used them on Instagram, blog posts and social media – and they always get a lot of love.

Douro Valley Portugal
Shot 1
Pool Douro Valley Portugal.
Shot 2
Pool, Douro Valley, Portugal.
Shot 3

4. Enlist Help

Whether that’s your partner, a relative or a stranger – get them on board with taking photos of you. I do have to suffer some eye rolling from my boyfriend and he does get a bit impatient as I get him to take 25 photos of me until I’m happy with the result. But I think it’s worth it. And it’s important for my business, so I’m willing to stand my ground about it. With the photo below (in Loboc in the Philippines) we started by taking photos of me facing the camera, but they looked rubbish. The photo was instantly improved by taking it from behind.

Katya Willems on swing by river in Loboc, Philippines.
My boyfriend Jamie does take some great shots.

5. Be Willing to Take Lots of Rubbish Shots Before You Get Your Perfect Snap

It may seem a bit tedious – but take your time and take a bunch of photos until you snap one that you really love. You’re unlikely to be back in this destination so make sure you get a good one. And it’ll be worth it for your Instagram portfolio.

Colourful mural in Porto, Portugal.
Not bad
Mural Porto Portugal.
Mural in Porto in Portugal.
My favourite!

I hope these tips have been helpful. And if you have holiday photo tips you’d like to share with me do drop me a DM on my Instagram account.

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