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How To Make Meaningful Connections On Instagram

Once you’ve sorted creating good quality content on Instagram, you need to make meaningful connections with people in order to build your community. I honestly think being successful on the gram is all about looking to make friends and authentic connections. Because people don’t buy from you unless they know, like and trust you. And that takes a bit of time and effort.

But building a community can be pretty daunting! Where do you start? How do you get to know strangers on Instagram?

Here are some tips to help:

Create relatable content

If your content is really polished and just about your business, it will make you feel inaccessible. If you share content of relatable tales of your day, of your opinions and tastes – especially in Stories – this is more likely to encourage conversation than if you are just marketing your product or service.

Ask Questions In Your Content

If you involve your audience in your conversations and decisions, you are making it very easy for them to start chatting to you. It could be as simple as asking them what their weekend plans are, or perhaps get them to help you make a decision about a new product range.

I try to ask my audience interesting questions in my captions – it’s a great conversation starter.

Reply To All Comments

If someome has gone to the trouble of leaving a comment – make sure you reply and try and take the conversation further if you can!

Make An Effort To Consistently Interact With Accounts You Want To Connect With

The occasional ‘like’ is not enough to be noticed. And one or two comments is not enough either. If you show up on accounts regularly, liking and commenting meaningfully, those accounts will start to notice you and hopefully engage with you too. Don’t be put off if it takes a while to get noticed – Instagram is a busy place.

Get To Know People’s Names

When you comment or dm an account, try and use their name. It really helps to build a relationship. Also make sure your own name is clearly written on your bio. It’s an important human touch.

Create Talking To Camera Videos In Your Stories

I know most people want to run hide when I suggest doing talking to camera videos on Stories, but it makes you so much more accessible and relatable if you do this. If you do a few of these a week, just talking about what you’ve been up to – it will allow your audience to really get to know you and as a result they will feel much more comfortable about sending you dms and commenting on your account.

I’m trying to do more talking to camera videos on Stories as I think it encourages my audience to chat to me.

Use The Interactive Stickers In Stories

This is a very non scary way of encouraging interaction with your audience. There’s the question sticker, the poll, quizzes and the slider. They are super easy to use and audiences love interacting with these stickers, even if the topic is really mundane and about something silly like your dinner choice!!

Shout Out Other People’s Content

This is definitely one of the most flattering things you can do. Use the paper aeroplane icon on a post to share it to your Stories (and make sure you tag the account you’re mentioning into your text otherwise they won’t be notified). If you shout out other people’s posts on a regular basis, it’s a brilliant way of getting them to notice you and they may return the favour.

I hope these tips help you build meaningful connections through your Instagram and I’d love to hear how you get on with putting them into practise. DM me on my Instagram account for a chat.

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