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How to Grow Your Instagram: Good Content

It’s the holy grail isn’t it, how to grow on Instagram? Wouldn’t everyone like the secret formula to that? Unfortunately what I’m going to tell you about growth on Instagram is less about ‘gamifying’ Instagram and more about just creating good, relevant content and building community! Instagram works best when you are focused on building relationships, not on gaining followers.

This is a blog series of four blogposts on How Grow Your Instagram. The other posts are about Engagement, Hashtags and Showing Up. This blogpost is all about the foundation – starting with good, strong content.

My Tips For Creating Memorable Content

  • Make your content creative and original.
    • This is what will make your posts stand out. Because in my opinion there’s a lot of bland content on the gram. Be a bit daring and take some risks. Get inspiration from your favourite accounts (p.s. this DOESN’T mean copy them!). Think about why their content works and think about how you can inspire your audience with your content.
  • Lean into your strengths when creating content.
    • Taking great photos may not be your thing, but perhaps you’re good at talking to camera on IGTV. You may not be great at writing captions, but perhaps you use emojis with flair. Identify your strengths and work with them – there’s so many ways of showing up on Instagram. When I look at my favourite accounts I see that they create content in a way that suits their personality: eg @myfrugalyear has a fantastic way with words, is brutally honest and offers helpful advice about getting out of debt; @plantshopmanchesterig shares kooky images and is hilarious; @manwithahammer is super jolly and funny, takes flamboyant photos and shares his colourful renovation journey.
  • Plan a month of content.
    • I think most of us struggle to come up with off the cuff content ideas, so that’s one reason why planning posts can help. Another reason is that if all your content is spontaneous and reactive, you may be missing an opportunity to showcase some really juicy facets of yourself and your business. Think of different aspects of your business, interests and values that you want to convey and plan a month of varied content. If you need some inspiration I wrote a post on 20 Content Ideas For Your Instagram.
  • Be yourself on Instagram.
    • It takes work to project the true you on Insta, but it will take your content to the next level, because people connect with authenticity and individuality. I really encourage you to try and reveal your personality, your business journey and aspects of your life. This requires bravery and it’s fine to do this slowly over time, but I promise you it will pay off as it will encourage honest conversations to start between you and your audience.
sean connery in a dressing gown with a cat.
@plantshopmanchesterig always shares content that surprises and delights me! This picture of Sean Connery was such a curveball – it really made me giggle.

Good luck with getting creative with your content! Do DM me on my Instagram Account and let me know how you’re getting on!

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