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How To Do An MOT of Your Instagram Account

This blog post started out as a newsletter. It had such a good response I thought it was worth sharing more widely. This story begins when I asked my friend to do an MOT of my Instagram account.

Sometimes it’s hard to practise what you preach.  Do all dentists diligently avoid sugar and floss regularly? Well, the same can be said for Instagram trainers.  Do all Instagram trainers promote themselves brilliantly on Instagram? 

A couple of weeks ago I made the brave/stupid/very clever decision to ask my friend @thewheelexists aka Katy Carlisle to critique my account to find out how well I was marketing my own Instagram services. And these are the points she came back with:

Katy Carlisle.
Katy Carlisle.

1) What Exactly Are My Services?

It was clear in my bio that I am an Instagram trainer, but it wasn’t clear what my services are.  And given that I’m on a big push to promote my bespoke Instagram workshops to bigger businesses – there was no mention of that at all.  It also wasn’t massively easy to find my services page when you went on my Linktree. So pretty poor sign posting all round!

2) Share More Instagram Tips

I share a lot of great Instagram tips in my Stories, but not on my grid. In the MOT, Katy suggested I save those tips into my highlight reel so people can keep on enjoying them for months to come.  She also suggested including more of these tips in my grid.

Easyinstamcr Instagram post.
I’m great at doing chatty, friendly posts like this, but I really need to weave in more Instagram advice and conversation

3) Why Haven’t I Included My IGTV Challenge In My Highlight Reel?

The IGTV challenge I’ve been running doesn’t feature in my highlight reel at all and it’s something that I’m really encouraging people to join in at the moment – so that’s a lost opportunity.

4) More Variety In My Grid

Katy thought that the posts in my grid could be better thought out and more varied.  When she looked, nearly all of my posts recently related to the IGTV challenge I’m running.  To add variety and value to my audience, she thought I could include more posts sharing Instagram tips as well as posts in which I talk about my clients and workshops.

Easyinstamcr instagram grid.

5) The Positive Feedback

On the plus side Katy said that my account demonstrates I’m passionate about Instagram, on the ball about using it and making the most of it and that I have a good network (people may be more keen to book my services & workshops because I’m well connected).

Easyinstamcr Instagram post.
The positives: Katy says I come across as passionate about Instagram and on the ball about using it. And she thinks it reflects well on me that I show that I do a lot of interesting networking.

Results of the MOT:

So I’ve been busy addressing that constructive criticism and I’ve been quick to update some areas of my account that were lacking.  I’ve also realised I need to do a bit more planning in terms of posts that relate to tips and work that I do with clients.  There are so many questions and obstacles that my clients come to me with – I think it would be useful to my audience to hear how we overcame those ‘issues’ and it’s also an opportunity to showcase my skills as a trainer.  And of course, the compliments from Katy were helpful too.  I think we all need someone to reflect back to us what we’re doing well – that was a confidence boost I needed!

If you want to audit your own account, I’d suggest choosing a friend who you trust to give constructive feedback.  Try and be clear about what you want them to think about when they look at your account.  Ask them to imagine they were discovering your account for the first time and if it’s clear what it is you’re selling and whether they feel tempted to buy from you and if not, why not?

Alternatively if you’d like me to do an MOT of your account find out more here about how it would work.

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