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Improve Your Mental Health When Working From Home

I need to have a rethink about my mental health. What with one thing another I’ve got into some really bad habits when I work from home that aren’t helping.

  • In my dressing gown til 12? Tick
  • Working without breaks? Tick
  • Getting tired, irritable and burnt out? Tick
  • Forgotten how to enjoy myself and relax? Tick
  • Not spending enough time interacting with other human beings? Tick

What with being very focused and enthusiastic about recording and editing my new Going Rogue podcast series (which has been joyful but has taken up a lot of time) and dealing with a dad who has dementia, things have tipped out of balance recently.

And I’ve realised that overworking and not have enough boundaries and structure in my day, is a) not enjoyable and b) not sustainable.

So, here’s some simple new ideas I’m going to test out:

  1. Do a co-working day once a week
  2. Take more breaks and go outside
  3. Get washed and dressed and made up by 9am every day
  4. Introduce some tasks that have a strong sense of completion to my day. I put a lot of energy into marketing myself at the moment – which doesn’t often have an immediate outcome. Combine this with trying to deal with authorities and persuade them to implement care for my dad (which is not going brilliantly), then I have a lot of uncertain outcomes going on. So I’m trying to make sure that I have a few tasks a week where there’s a clear reward of finishing. I can feel a big Marie Kondo decluttering plan coming on!
  5. Work out how much time I spend working. At the moment I’ve no idea how many hours a week I work. I think it’s time I start making a record – I need to include things like networking and ‘thinking time’ because it’s all about work. And I think I should have a minimum number of hours I work – say 35 hours a week. And then try to make sure that when I choose to do more than that I’m aware that I’m going into that time. I think this will help me be more purposeful about my use of time.
  6. Finally try and observe my feelings, moods, energy levels on a daily basis. And notice what lights me up workwise and what drags me down. I’m a big fan of journaling, but I’ve neglected it lately. But I think it can be a great way of understanding yourself and giving yourself clarity and direction.

So, watch this space in the next few weeks as I’m going to give all of this a go and report back.

I know that working out how to look after your mental health if you’re self employed is extremely important and something that I think everyone who works for themselves has to address. I’d love to hear about your tips and experiences .

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