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Nine Apps to Improve Your Instagram

I know plenty of people who use Instagram and don’t use any fancy apps, and that’s fine. It’s perfectly possible to edit your photos on your phone, to post your photos manually, to do it all old school. You can 100% achieve Instagram success without any additional tools. However you might just fall in love with some of these apps when you try them. Personally, they’ve made a big difference to what I get out of Instagram.

1) Mosiaco (£5.99)

It was a life-changing moment when I started using this. It allows you to plan the sequence of your photos before posting them onto Instagram.  So if you’re aiming for more aesthetic cohesion, Mosiaco is perfect. I don’t have a colour palette I follow as I would find that a little paralysing and I’d never post, but it allows me to create a feed that flows together nicely, choosing pictures that have some similar colours to give off a nice overall professional look. Other similar apps are Preview and Planoly.

Screen grab of Mosiaco Instagram app.

With Mosiaco it’s easy to move the tiles around to make your Instagram look more cohesive

2) VSCO (free)

This is the editing app that most Instagrammers swear by for creating quality images. It’s a much subtler editing tool than most smartphone cameras offer. You can also buy an incredible range of filters on VSCO (although don’t get carried away – I’ve got about 100 and it’s too many). I use the same filter for nearly all my photos which gives my grid a nice consistent look.

3) Snapseed (free)

Snapseed – another very popular editing tool for photos – what’s good about Snapseed is the blur feature which gives you the chance to create an artificial depth of field on smartphone photos. I also like the ‘heal’ option which allows me to remove spots or lighten specific bits of photos.

4) A Design Kit

A design kit is an awesome app for tarting up your pictures with fun graphics.  Check out their Instagram account to see all the cool fonts, backgrounds and looks you can achieve.  A design kit only works on iPhones unfortunately. PicsArt is a good alternative for android phones.

5) Tailwind

Tailwind (various pay plans) – is a scheduling tool. I mainly post my pictures off the cuff and when I’m in the mood. But sometimes if I’m running an Instagram challenge I want my posts to go out at a specific time in the morning and then I’ll use Tailwind to schedule those. It’s super easy and intuitive to use. You get 30 free scheduled posts as a trial and then you have to pay for a plan. If you want a long term solution that you don’t have to pay for Buffer gives you free 10 scheduled posts a month and is straightforward to use.

6) Linktree

Linktree (free) – you only get to put one link on your entire Instagram account and that’s in your bio (or profile if you prefer to call it that). Linktree allows you to cheat though as it provides a link to several other links that you want to share with your audience. I use posts in my grid or in my stories to direct people back to these links.

Screen grab of Katya Willems' Linktree.

Linktree allows me to direct people to my current events and blog posts

7) Wordswag

WordSwag (£4.99) – is an app that allows you to put text on pictures. But it’s  great for creating professional looking Instagram stories. I use it when I’ve got an event or a workshop coming up to create a story with all the information clearly typed up. There’s lots of different fonts to play with too.  Also if you want to put text on your pictures for the grid (or any social platform) WordSwag is brilliant.

8) Clipomatic

Clipomatic (£4.99) – if you do any talking to camera for stories, clipomatic basically transcribes what you say and provides subtitles, so that your audience can follow what you’re saying without turning the sound on. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty good.

Clipomatic app in action.

Clipomatic subtitles what you’re saying in a video.

9) Unfold

Unfold (free) – if you want to create some sophisticated looking stories – have a play around with this app

I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you’ve got any apps you’d like to share with me I’m always on the look out for good ones.

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