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7 Bingeworthy Podcasts

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts during the pandemic. Especially at the beginning of lockdown when I was going on epic three hour walks every day. So I’ve picked 7 bingeworthy podcasts to share with you.

1. The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam Buxton always has to feature in any podcast review I write. He is so honest and silly and open that he makes each of his listeners feel like we’re his personal friends. He always has great guests and I love how he does serious, intellectual and emotional stuff but it’s all wrapped up in colourful silliness. Perfect! I particularly love a recent episode where Adam interviews journalist Helen Lewis about her book Difficult Women, A History of Feminism In 11 Fights. I was basically spellbound by everything she said about how most women who make changes in history are extremely flawed! Listen! You will laugh and nod! Oh yes and Adam Buxton’s autobiography is a great listen on Audiobooks too.

2. Out To Lunch With Jay Rayner

Is what it says on the tin, Jay Rayner taking really fab guests out for fancy lunches. It always makes me very hungry – especially as you can hear them munching! During lockdown things changed slightly as he ordered extravagent take aways for his guests and interviewed them via Zoom. My favourite episodes were with Kathy Burke, Grayson Perry and Russell Tovey.

Jay Rayner Out To Lunch.
Out To Lunch With Jay Rayner

3. Desert Island Discs With Lauren Laverne

Just like The Adam Buxton Podcast, Desert Island Discs always has to feature for me. I just LOVE getting to hear people’s stories. I find it so fascinating finding out about people’s lives even if I’ve never heard of them before. And there is something very emotional about guests telling their life stories by sharing the music that matters to them. A favourite recent episode was with Jen Stoltenberg, Secretary General of Nato. I pressed play with low expectations as I didn’t think he’d be of great interest to me and I was pleasantly surprised. He’s a special and very progressive guy. Joe Wicks was another one where I thought I’d be switching off after 5 minutes, but I was actually completely captivated. I was taken aback by how emotional and sensitive he is. And when he talked about his dad (who had been a heroin addict) I was in tears (and so was he).

4. How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

In this podcast series journalist Elizabeth Day is all about celebrating failure. She asks her guests to discuss three failures in the own lives which obviously leads to fascinating conversations. My favourite episode is with author Bernadine Everisto who’s spirit, humour and sense of adventure wowed me!

How Fail With Elizabeth Day Podcast.
How To Fail With Elizabeth Day Podcast

5. Walking The Dog With Emily Dean

LBC radio presenter Emily Dean takes a well known guest on a walk with their dog (or occasionally a borrowed dog!). She’s interviewed the likes of Ricky Gervais, Ed Miliband and Emily Maitliss. In some ways I associate this podcast with Desert Island Discs as Emily loves to get to know her guests on a personal and emotional level. She’s witty and warm but asks probing questions about deep stuff including always asking guests if they’ve ever had therapy. The most recent episode I listened to was with Mel Giedroyc and her film director sister Coky. As you might expect it was fascinating and funny!

6. Grounded With Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux saw lockdown as an opportunity to track down some high-profile people he’s always wanted to talk to. I just loved these interviews and it was comforting and funny to hear Louis and his guests experience the same lockdown issues as the rest of us. The Miriam Margoyles episode had me howling with laughter. She is highly inappropriate throughout. And I was suprised by how earthy, honest and hilarious Helena Boheme Carter is – that one is well worth a listen.

Louis Theroux Grounded Podcast.
Louis Theroux Grounded Podcast

7. The Squiggly Careers Podcast with Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis

Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis’s podcast is designed to support people who have ‘squiggly careers’ that don’t entirely make sense. That’s all of us then! The podcast is designed to give practical and action focused advice on how to take more control of your job and career.

I got into this podcast in July 2020 and there was loads of pandemic related tips, eg how to prime yourself to be optimistic, how to find flow at work and techniques to prevent procrastination. And they also had some great guest interviews like Simon Sinek, Holly Tucker and Martha Lane Fox. They were all asked to share honest business advice in the context of the pandemic.

Your Recommendations For Bingeworthy Podcasts Please!

I hope you find these podcasts as inspiring and entertaining as I did. I’m always looking for recommendations for bingeworthy podcasts so please do pop over to Instagram and dm me your favourites.

And did you know I have my very own podcast called Going Rogue? I interview my creative heroes about the highs and lows of running a business. Click here if you’d like to give it a whirl.

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