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30 Instagram Tips Part 2

This ’30 Instagram Tips’ blog post is to accompany the Instagram Live that Lou Chudley (@spark_social) and I did on 21st April. It was called 30 Insta tips in 30 mins. I shared 15 tips and so did Lou. Here are Lou’s 15 tips and I shared mine in a 30 Instagram Tips Part 1.

1. Audit Your Profile Bio

This is the first thing potential new followers will see. People will form a split second decision about whether or not to follow you based on your bio – ask yourself, are you giving them enough information about you and your business? Use those 150 characters really well. And make sure that your name listed in your bio – it’s key information.

2. Add Your Location To Your Bio

This is very important as it could inform a purchasing decision. People need to know where you are in the world.

3. Always Add A Geo Tag To Your Posts and Stories

People search locations and your post can be discovered this way. It will widen your reach.

4. Research Your Hashtags

Do not underestimate the power of a well researched hashtag. It can substantially widen the reach of your posts and make you more discoverable.

5. Make Your Caption Easy To Read

Leave spaces between your paragraphs – use emojis to draw attention to posts. People will be reading your post at strange times of the day when they may not be at their sharpest. Bear that in mind in the way that you format your posts. Use the Caption Writer for Instagram App to create spaces between paragraphs.

Caption Writer app.
Caption writer app is free

6. Reply to All Comments on Your Posts in a Timely Way

Always stay online after you’ve posted so you can reply to people’s comments promptly. It will make people feel valued. Really try to start thoughtful or fun conversations, rather than just leaving short answers.

7. Engage With Accounts That Have Engaged With Your Latest Post

Go and look at the content of those who are commenting on your posts. You can follow them if you want to. Comment and like their content and share the stuff you really like. What are they posting about? What can you learn from their content? It might give you ideas about what they would like to see from you.

8. Really Look After The Followers You Have

If you do they will naturally bring more people to you. Really listen to them and respond to them. Ask them questions and check in on them. Have conversations with them in dms which is a more private and safe space.

9. Curate Your Explore Page

Spend 2 minutes a day going through your Explore page and if there is content you don’t like you can tap ‘not interested’ option on the post. By then end of the week your Explore page should reflect what you actually want to see.

Selected Not Interested In content on Explore page of Instagram.
If there are posts that aren’t you cup of tea in your Explore page, click on the three dots top right of the picture and select ‘Not interested’

10. Use The Stickers on Stories to Drive Up Engagement

Use questions/polls/slideys/quizzes to drive up engagement with your followers. You can use them to ask questions of your followers or them of you. But either way it’s a great way to get to know your audience better. It’s a great way of canvassing your followers and making them feel like they are part of a community. Polls are a great way to gauge opinion – it may be to help you make a business decision or what to watch on Netflix, but again it’s great for connection with people.

Quiz on Instagram Stories
There are so many interactive stickers you can use.

11. Take Your Followers Behind The Scenes

Show them where you work/how you work – your audience will love to see how you work and live – it will help deepen their connection with you. Even if it’s how you’re living life in lockdown, people will be curious! You’re more interesting than you think.

@easyinstamcr doing yoga
Behind the scenes on my lockdown life: yoga class on Zoom

12. Do a Q&A with Your Followers

Announce the Q&A – use the question sticker to collect the questions and use the countdown sticker to alert people when the Q&A will be. It’s a great way for them to getting to know you more. Either do the Q&A as a live or if you’re feeling shy, write up your answers in a post.

13. Add Captions to Your Stories

People may watch them first thing in the morning or last thing at night – I’d usually say commute or at work (but not so much during Lockdown!). But also there will be people in your community who are hearing impaired and by not adding captions you will be excluding them.

14. Create IGTVs

IGTVs are a great way to create content in longer form, but bear in mind viewer’s attention span – there is a reason why Stories are only 15 seconds long. Plan to keep them under five mins – edit them using In Shot App – which also enables you to add captions.

InShot app
InShot App allows you to add captions and edit your video

15. Start Collaborating

Is there anyone you could do a live with or run a competition with? Or even run a workshop with? If you team up with other accounts you then have the opportunity to be seen by their audience. Also collaborations can be really magical and give your content a fresh and exciting energy which allow your audience to see you a new light.

Good luck applying these tips. Do DM me at @easyinstamcr to let me know how you’re getting on.

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