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Content Ideas For Your Instagram

Without a doubt the thing my clients struggle the most with is coming up with great content ideas that allow them to:

  1. showcase their business
  2. demonstrate their values
  3. inspire their clients
  4. allow their clients to get to know them

It sounds easy in theory to keep pumping content out there. But if there’s not enough strategy and thought behind those posts, your audience won’t be given then opportunity to fall in love with you and your business – because they won’t have enough to go on.

So here are twenty prompts for you to use to allow you to talk to your audience about who you are and what your business is, and hopefully start some meaningful conversations with them.

Content Prompts

1. Introduction

Who are you? What do you do? Tell us some fun facts about you. We assume that everyone following us knows who we are and what we do. But I have to admit I don’t know very much about the people I follow. I often don’t even know their names because their Instagram handles are called something random!

2. What Can’t You Live Without?

What helps you get through the day? Is it a Lamy fountain pen? Is it super strength coffee? Or maybe it’s WhatsApping your mates or walking the dog. Fill us in.

Yellow Lamy fountain pen
I couldn’t live without my Lamy fountain pen

3. What Motivates You?

Are you motivated by hard cash? Or maybe it’s about empowering others with the copy that you write? Or perhaps you just love colours and design and the visual side of being a graphic designer brings you pure joy.

4. Do a Time Lapse Video

This could be you at work. Or maybe it’s just you eating your lunch or mowing the lawn. It will still give your audience an opportunity to get to know you better in a fun way.

5. Goals

What are your goals for the next year? Is it to earn a certain amount? Or is to have built your business up enough that you can take a two week holiday? Or quite simply, perhaps it’s to live in the moment and to try and have some work life balance.

6. Shout Out a Small Business

It could be a mate of yours who creates beautiful art, or freelance friend who is a brilliant life coach. Or it could be someone you’ve been admiring on Instagram.

7. What Are You Doing to be Environmental?

It doesn’t need to be anything grand. Maybe you do meat free Mondays, or you use recycled toilet paper or you’ve switched to a renewable energy supplier. It’s always good to hear what others are doing to be sustainable.

Milk Bottles.
Ordering milk in bottles is one environmental change I’ve made

8. Top Tip

This could be anything to do with running a business – e.g. tips on writing successful newsletters or how to find a brilliant accountant. Or it could relate specifically to your service or product. If you make chocolate – give use some tips on making our own. If you’re a landscape gardener tell us the easiest veg to grow.

9. Throwback

This could be a picture of you as a kid or when you were in your twenties (if you’re old enough for that to be a throwback), or maybe just pictures from earlier on in your business. Everyone likes a bit of history!

10. Break Time

What do you do on a break? Perhaps you walk the dog – or maybe you put your feet up with a magazine and eat some biscuits.

Cakes and tea at The Refuge
Cake is my favourite way to take a break

11. Inspiration

Who and what inspires you in your work and why? This could be Richard Branson or it could be your mum or even a piece of art or clothing.

12. Recommend a Book/Podcast/Blog Post

Tell us about what your go to books/podcasts or blog posts. It could be business or pleasure. What really lights you up?

13. Help

Who do you rely on for help? Is there a particular friend that you meet for coffee? Or is there a brilliant Facebook group? Or maybe it’s your partner who’s always there to support you when you’re having a good or bad day.

14. Feedback

What do your clients say about you?

15. Behind The Scenes

It could be your scrappy notes for a presentation or a stressed faced photo of you before a deadline. Alternatively it could be a photo of the process of making your ceramic mugs, or maybe it’s you in a meeting with collaborators.

Easyinstamcr office
Behind the scenes at my office!

16. Weekend

What do you get up to at the weekend? Avocado on toast? Chilling with the kids in the park, surfing? Watching Netflix and eating cake? Anything goes!

Lyme Park Orangerie
I love a day trip to Lyme Park in Derbyshire

17. Getting Through Dark Days

What do you do if you’re having a dark day? What helps? Meditation, reading a book, going for a walk? Having a good old cry?

18. Success Story

Tell us about a time in your business when all the stars aligned and something really cool and wonderful happened.

19. Cheat

Have you got any sneaky short cuts you can share with us that save you time in your business? It could be that you batch cook on a Sunday to give you more time to work during the week. Or maybe you do a photoshoot for Instagram once every six months to stock yourself up with photos for the coming months.

20. Brag Time

Tell us three things that you’re brilliant at! It doesn’t have to be work related, it could be that you make a mean chocolate cake. But we want as much OUTRIGHT boasting in this post as possible.

Hang Onto These 20 prompts For as Long as You Like

There’s no deadline for when you need to use these content ideas. They are just something to dip into if you need a bit of inspiration. Feel free to tag me in @easyinstamcr and use my hashtag #easyprompts when you post. It will give me the chance to see what people are posting and I’ll share the best ones on my Instagram Stories.

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