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10 of my Favourite Instagram Accounts, June 2019

I’ve decided to make sharing my favourite Instagram accounts a regular thing. I’m going to try to do it on a monthly basis to give you a hit of Insta inspiration.

Here are my faves for June:

1: @grubstreet – want to know about the all the foodie hot spots in New York? It’s mainly inexpensive delicious food, but there’s some high brow offerings too – drool over doughnuts, sticky ribs, ramen and bagels. And at the other end of the scale ogle trout roe smoked in cardamom and fancy desserts served in terrariums.

2: @davidcyril_sw – David is an 86 year old slimmer. This is such a heartwarming account. It’s mainly a daily photo of the lovely smiling David with his meal tray of of Slimmer’s World dinner or breakfast in front of him. And there’s always a bit more drama and tension on weigh in days. He does some sweet videos too and you get to experience a very charismatic guy who is full of beans and enthusiasm. I challenge you not to fall in love with him!

3: @nooworks – if you’re into crazy boiler suits and dresses with colourful animal prints on – look no further – this LA clothes company is my new favourite! And bonus, all their outfits are ethically sourced too.

4: – are speciality coffee roasters and tea merchants since 1837 and based in Lancaster. Atkinson’s combine celebrating their long history with having a beautiful modern and quite minimalist brand. I only discovered the Atkinson’s coffee shop at Mackie Mayor the other week. It is a captivating place – they do lovely tea and merch (sorry I didn’t sample the coffee!). I also had the most amazing slice of salted caramel pumpkin cake.

5: @agapanthusinteriors – I first started admiring the craftmanship of these guys at Pokusevskis cafe at Media City. I know them for their quirky, upcycled antique lights, but they also sell antique furniture and homeware. Based in Stockport, they are very original and have immaculate taste – which is reflected on their fabulous insta account

6: @fernandesmakes I met Nicola at Blogtacular a year ago. She’s an illustrator whose collection includes a broad and fun variety of subjects: from the famous (Louis Theroux, Alan Partridge, Frida Kahlo) to cats, tigers, otters and many animals. Her style is colourful and playful and just a joy – as is her Instagram account. She’s got to be one of the most creative people I follow on Insta – make sure to check out her Stories.

7: @lisacongdon is an artist, illustrator and handletterer – I’ve been transfixed by her bright bold prints with fun and meaningful quotes on. She wears her heart on her sleeve and shares her struggles and her joys on her account. It feels like an honest and empowering place to be.

8: @motley_creator – I’ve been spotting street artist Motley’s marmite jars painted around Manchester’s NQ for the past six months. I love them! His work is mischievous, sometimes political and always surprising. Check out his account to see more of his work.

9: @ohmeidumpling – Manchester’s dumpling queen. I love watching Mei’s Stories – her exquisite and traditional preparation of Chinese dumplings makes my mouth water. And her very young kids are often part of the Stories being hilarious.

10: @thehuteyam – I’ve been following Rachel’s account for her Shepherds Hut in the Peak District since some friends and I hired it out a year ago. It’s a gorgeous little place. And I love seeing photos of the hut from all different angles and in changing seasons in the Peak District. I also like looking at cute pictures of owner Rachel’s dog.

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