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10 More Awesome Instagram Accounts

Absolutely one of the best ways to get inspiration for your own Instagram account is to learn from great accounts – which is why I wrote 10 Excellent Instagram Accounts.  And as that went down so well, I thought I’d share some more.

My favourite accounts don’t all have whopper followings, but what they do all offer is some special quality that keeps me coming back for more.  With each account that could be a different charm – perhaps a dog I’ve fallen in love with, or someone with a great sense of humour, or photography that is so beautiful it transports me away on a daydream.  The great thing is that we can all have our very own secret sauce on Instagram – you’ve just got to work out what yours is. 

So here’s 10 fab accounts:

@mydarkhome_ – is an interiors account, and despite the sumptuous photos, I mainly follow it for the dogs. Eniko Kirkwood runs this account and has two of the most charismatic labradors I’ve ever seen. The photos are all of her beautiful home, with the dogs staring mournfully and obediently at the camera. I can’t do it justice in my description – go and check it out.

@cookingwithmamaz – Mama Z is a chef in Manchester cooking Filipino food. This lady has colour and passion. She shares her cooking, shopping, eating and travel adventures on her account. It’s bursting with enthusiasm and introduces you to a whole different take on food.

@emmajanepalin – if you like colourful walls and design – you need to follow Emma. Every time she posts she brings joy – whether it’s a neon sign she’s spotted or Emma herself posing in a bright yellow suit. I feel like I’m being taking on a visual adventure.

@small_sustainable_steps – what it says on the tin – simple tips on living a more environmentally friendly life. All presented with lovely photos and a friendly voice. At the moment I’m looking for simple accessible ways to be kinder to the planet, but I find it so hard to get my head around all the information out there. This is an ideal and doable gateway for me.

@tamejawdin – Thomas Jordan’s profile reads ‘American midwest based photographer. Late night drives and hot french fries’. If you’re into photography he’s worth a scroll. It’s all purple sunsets and 50s cars and 50s wooden slat houses. It’s just cool and a bit different.

@babypicturethis – ‘alternative family portraits are my thing’ is Laura Aziz’s byline. Laura’s photos are as you would expect, mainly of kids – they’re full of joy and very atmospheric and shot with a lot of beautiful light. It just makes me happy scrolling through her account.

@wild_meadow – nature fans go and drink this up. Andrea runs a self catering cottage and hut in Wales. Her account showcases the area with the most exquisite photos.

@susannahconway is a new discovery for me – she describes herself as ‘writer, teacher, cat whisperer’. What I get from her account is heartfelt honesty – she shares her truth in a way that uplifts and empowers her audience. I feel welcomed and at home on her account. And she takes beautiful photos – mainly of her home and her cat.

@susanearlam – takes photos of hidden gems around Manchester (cafes, buildings, walls) – which always makes me want to go and visit them. Susan has great and very original style so there’s always lovely photos of her outfits and her home. And she’s a writer, so she’s good for book inspo too.

@hotpatooties (aka Dawn O’Porter) – for hilarity and honesty follow Dawn. She queen of daftness but also very happy to talk serious feminism and politics too.

I’m always on the look for Instagram inspiration – do get in touch with your recommendations.

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