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It’s very easy to get lacklustre about my own content on Instagram.  The more pressure I feel to post, the less interesting my pictures and captions are.  But there are Instagram accounts out there that are constantly raising the creative bar, and thank goodness because they help me stay inspired.

Here are some of my favourites:

Dick Vincent – an illustrator in Macclesfield – he and his illustrations are hilarious.

Laura Jane Williams aka @laurajaneauthor – is a writer, but so much more than that. Laura is theatrical, opinionated and passionate about all women living their best lives. Make sure you watch her Instagram stories – she’s a lot of fun.

Present and Correct – if you like art and pastel colours, you’ll like this account. Although we’re not talking homogenous Instagram pastel rubbish, we’re talking properly cool shit.  Prepare to be mesmerised.

Food Sync – did you know Stockport is going through a mini revolution at the moment? It’s fast becoming a hub for creatives and independents and Food Sync is documenting this story beautifully.

Atul Bansal of Sheila Bird Group – an interior designer with the whackiest take on the world – enter his Instagram for a trippy and inspiring experience.

5ftinf – for abundant colours and creativity – this account will lift you up.

Charlotte Jacklin – ballsy, super stylish feminist who always speaks the truth and empowers others on her stories (she’s dead funny too).

Object Style – is a gorgeous homeware/clothing shop in Chorlton. Apart from sharing beautiful pics of their products, cute dog and their own rather stylish home – Rachael and Alex have a chatty relatable style that makes you feel super welcome.

Andrew O’Brien – a poetic and very passionate gardener – his enthusiasm jumps out of his feed! Watch him on stories too – he’s wonderful.

A Bookish Baker – Helen Redfern is a writer and a baker, and she has ducks and chickens and a PUPPY! Her photography is joyful and storyful and it draws you in.

I’m always on the look out for fabulous accounts to follow so please let me know your favourites!

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