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10 Brilliant Interior Instagram Accounts

We’ve been seriously sprucing up our house this year, so I’ve spent a lot of time ogling Interior Instagram accounts. In August I wrote a blogpost called 13 Interior Instagram Accounts To Get You Excited, but since then I’ve discovered so many more brilliant accounts, which I just had to share with you.

1. @thistimeincolour

This account was always going to appeal to my taste: retro, bright colours and it feels super unique. Interior designer Ola Zwolenik definitely does thinking outside the box.

@thistimeincolour Instagram account.

2. @erica_davies

Erica Davies is more known for fashion, however it’s Erica’s house I’m interested in. Of course I like it, it’s colourful and bold and brave! Lots of lovely art prints and plants too.

@erica_davies Instagram account.

3 @kate_rose_morgan

I’m not a girly girl, but I am a fan of pink. There’s a lot of it in my home. @kate_rose_morgan has a very pink house, which admittedly could be sickly, but Kate has done it SO WELL. Go and have a look and get inspired.

@kate_rose_morgan Instagram account.

4. @paintthetownpastel

This year I’ve become obsessed with pastel interiors on Insta, which has definitely influenced the look of my house! Jay of @paintthetownpastel features A LOT of pastels in her house in Orkney. I’m also loving her comedy/adorable cat and dogs who feature regularly.

@paintthetownpastel Instagram account.

5. @thisonefloats

Christina and Rohan converted a 1965 Dutch barge into a 3-bed family home that is moored on the Thames. The interiors are gorgeous and I can totally get into the fantasy of living on a boat!

@thisonefloats Instagram account.

6. @53houseplantsandme

Another house of pastel inspiration. You may lose an hour or two here.

@53houseplantsandme Instagram account.

7. @pinkhouseliving

Emily Murray’s house is nearly entirely pink and green. A colour combo I’m very fond of myself. I’d also quite like to have a swing hanging from the ceiling like Emily’s!

@pinkhouseliving Instagram account

8. @thehousewiththepinkwall

This blogpost is going to be very disappointing if you don’t like pink! I’m mesmirised by the pink feature wall that Helen has painted in her kitchen. The art work and the bright yellow chairs complete the look.

@thehousewiththepinkwall Instagram account.

9. @thatssogemma

Gemma has created a house of rainbow dreams. Gemma I hope you don’t mind, but I might be stealing a few interior ideas from you!

@thatssogemma Instagram account.

10. @object_the_apartment

Rachel Otterwell of @object_style has created a beautiful airbnb with her distinctive scandi and mid century taste. I’m wondering if I can justify staying at an airbnb in Manchester when I already live in Manchester?

@object_the_apartment Instagram account.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here. And if you have any favourite Interior Instagram accounts you’d like to share with me, please dm me on my Instagram account.

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